Virtual Cockpit

Virtual Cockpit from Lockheed Martin is an advanced ground control software for the Camflight robots. It gives you full control and is easy to use. 


Virtual Cockpit 2 sFor mapping orthophotos and terrain models, we use the area waypoints function. This function generates automatic waypoints for the area you want to cover. You enter your altitude, speed, latitude and longitude in the dialogue box shown at right. Virtual Cockpit then generates waypoints on the map based on the data for your camera that is already built into the programme. The results appear in the image below.


In area waypoints, you can move, rotate and change the field on the map afterwards. If you click on the star in the middle, the dialogue box appears and displays the modified data and estimated flying time. 


Virtual Cockpit has several options for creating a flight plan. You can enter individual waypoints and decide what the Camflight robot should do. For example, stopping and taking a picture in a certain direction and angle. For several images of an object, you can choose the panoramic waypoint function which makes the robot fly in a circle and take a predefined number of images of the object. If you use the robot for mapping, you'll use the area waypoints function. 


Virtual Cockpit software gives you an overview of the robot's movements on the map and image magnification on the ground. In addition, you have a full overview of the status of the height, speed,
direction, and battery level.

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