Scout Lidar Series

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Multi-platform high definition LiDAR mapping system.



  • Phoenix Aerial Systems introduces the Scout - a small yet powerful RTK UAV LiDAR system that redefines the power of LiDAR mapping.  The new Phoenix Aerial Scout is an ideal solution for both new entrants and experienced firms looking to offer an aerial LiDAR solution for jobs considered too small for conventional LiDAR systems.  


    The Scout weighs just 1.82kg (4 lbs), minimizing UAV power usage and maximizing flight time.  At the core of the Scout is the Velodyne VLP-16 Puck Lite, which features 16 lasers spread out over a 30º vertical field of view, 120 meter range and captures up to 300,000 measurements per second and up to 600,000 per second in dual return mode. 


    • Vehicle and aerial mounting options standard
    • Dual-Antenna moving baseline
    • RTK360˚ field of view
    • Configurable sensor options such as: photogrammetry, multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal

    Options include:

    • IMU Options: Sensonor STIM300 or ADIS 16488
    • Dual Antenna moving baseline RTK
    • Photogrammetry
    • Trimble Radio Network Card
    • Vehicle mounting options
  • Scout Platform           
    Overall Dimensions     160 * 116 * 116 mm


    Operating Voltage12 * 28 V Power Consumption ~ 40 W Weight 1.82 kg


    LiDAR - Velodyne VLP16  
    Puck Lite  

    Laser Power Class 1 (Eye Safe)
    Laser Wavelength 905 nm
    Min. Range 1.0 m
    Max. Range 120 m
    Max. Ranging Error 30 mm
    Range Resolution 2 mm
    Scan Rate 300k shots/s, up to 600k points/s
    Field of Range

    ±15˚ Vertical FOV / 360˚ Horizontal FOV

    Multiple echoes 2
    Power Consumption 8 W
    Diameter / Height 103.3 * 71.7 mm
    Weight 530 g
    Operating Temperature - 10˚ / 60˚ C
    Ingress Protection IP 67
    Number of Lasers/Planes 16
    Recommended Scanning Height (AGL)      20 - 60 m


    Navigation System 

    Dual-Antenna / Heading


    Constellation Support



    GPS², GLONASS², Galileo¹, BeiDou¹

    ¹ Single frequency, dual-frequency optional

    ² Dual-frequency

    Support Alignment Kinematic, Dual-Antenna
    Operation Modes Real-time, Postprocessing Optional
    Accuracy Position 1cm + 1ppm RMS horizontal
    Accuracy Pitch/Roll 0.015˚ RMS
    Accuracy Heading 0.08˚ RMS
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