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Survey grade LiDAR mapping system, featuring precision LiDAR and Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) IMU.



  • The new AL3-16 system is a weight optimized version of the AL2. By removing the aluminum enclosure, misc mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware, we've reduced the weight by almost 2.5kg! The AL3-16 is light enough for most medium sized UAV's, i.e. the DJI M600 and Alta 6/8.

    By separating the IMU/sensor from the CPU, GPS, Wifi and power distribution electronics; we've made integration easy for all different types of UAVs, ATV's, cars/trucks and even backpacks!

    Options include:

    • Satellite constellation support: GPS dual-frequency, GLONASS dual-frequency (optional), Galileo single-frequency (optional, dual-frequency available), BeiDou single-frequency (optional, dual-frequency available). Some options are field-upgradeable
    • Optional heading receiver for fast alignment
    • Features the KVH Fiber Option Gyro
    • 2.4 GHz WiFi, 5GHz WiFi and 3G/4G cellular network communication options

    Other external sensors such as the Multispectral Tetracam can be integrated using the 16pin I/O connector, which also supplies protected 5V and 12V power.

    The AL3-16 is light enough that the DJI S1000 multirotor can lift the sensor for approx 10 minutes and the ALTA 6 Freefly can fly for approx 15 minutes and the Alta 8 flys up to 25 minutes on a single charge!. These types of aerial platform are ideal for scanning areas up to one square kilometer.

    The AL3-16 includes the Velodyne VLP-16 Puck Lite high definition LiDAR sensor. The VLP-16 Puck Lite sensor provides 300,000 scan points per second. For more data on the sensor, please view specs on the specification tab.

  • AL3-16 Platform

    Overall Dimensions  243 * 225 * 217 mm

    Operating Voltage

    12 * 26 V
    Power Consumption ~ 40 W
    Weight  2.2 kg


    LiDAR - Velodyne VLP16 

    Puck Lite

    Laser Power

    Class 1 (Eye Safe)

    Laser Wavelength 905 nm
    Min. Range 1.0 m
    Max. Ranging Error 30 mm
    Range Resolution 2 mm
    Scan Rate 300k shots/s, up to 600k points/s
    Field of Range ±15˚ Vertical FOV / 360˚ Horizontal FOV
    Multiple echoes 2
    Power Consumption 8 W
    Diameter / Height 103.3 * 71.7 mm
    Weight 530 g
    Operating Temperature - 10˚ / 60˚ C
    Ingress Protection IP 67
    Number of Lasers/Planes 16
    Recommended Scanning Height (AGL)  20 - 60 m


    Navigation System

    Dual-Antenna / Heading


    Constellation Support

    GPS², GLONASS², Galileo¹, BeiDou¹
      ¹ Single frequency, dual-frequency optional
      ² Dual-frequency
    Support Alignment Kinematic, Dual-Antenna
    Operation Modes Real-time, Postprocessing Optional
    Accuracy Position 1cm + 1ppm RMS horizontal
    Accuracy Pitch/Roll 0.015˚ RMS
    Accuracy Heading 0.08˚ RMS


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