TerraHawk V


  • TerraHawk V (VTOL) Fixed-wing LiDAR System Features: 4-6 Hour flight times Vertical Take off and landing capability eliminating the need for launchers and runways 75 meter scan range with the Velodyne VLP-16 sensor Excellent accuracy using the Sensonor STIM IMU Integrated high resolution photogrammety system using the Sony A6000 camera or Basler Ace Cameras Other external sensors can be integrated using the 16pin I/O connector, which also supplies protected 5V and 12V power. All systems can be used for mobile mapping in airborne and ground missions. When satellite reception is lost for extended durations, optional post-processing software (NovAtel's Inertial Explorer) can be used to compute forward and reverse solutions, thereby recovering an accurate and smooth trajectory.
  • ControlFully Autonomous Autopilot Wing Span3m Length1.8m PowerplantElectric - VTOL / Gas Engine - Fwd flight Usable Payload2 kg Takeoff methodVertical Take off and Landing (VTOL) Environmental protectionSealed against rain, snow



    Endurance 4-6 hours
    Cruise Speed 90km/h
    Max Level Speed 112km/h
    Maximum TakeOff Weight 20kg
    Max Ceiling 2500m
    Max Wind Up to 21m/s
    Max Distance 30km


    LiDAR - Velodyne VLP16

    Laser Power Class 1 (Eye Safe)
    Laser Wavelength 905 nm
    Min. Range 1.0 m
    Max. Range 120 m
    Max. Ranging Error 30 mm
    Range Resolution 2 mm
    Scan Rate 300k shots/s, up to 600k points/s
    Field of Range

    ±15˚ Vertical FOV / 360˚ Horizontal FOV

    Multiple echoes 2
    Power Consumption 8 W
    Diameter / Height 103.3 * 71.7 mm
    Weight 830 g
    Operating Temperature - 10˚ / 60˚ C
    Ingress Protection IP 67
    Number of Lasers/Planes 16
    Recommended Scanning Height (AGL)

    20 - 60 m

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