Multirotor UAS for high precision mapping.


  • • 40 - 50 min. flight endurance for coverage of large areas
    • Needed space for takeoff and landing: 3 x 3 meter
    • Autopilot from Lockheed Martin for high precision flights
    • High stability in strong winds
    • Virtual cockpit ground control software for advanced flight plans
    • Short time from arrival to airborne
    • Recommended cameras: Nikon Coolpix A / Sony A7r
    • Stabilized camera gimbal fits multiple camera brands
    • Flight case for protected transportation
    • 40 A fast charging system
    • Digital video link in HD quality
    • 5,8 Ghz analog video link

  • Technical specifications: 

    Vertical Takeoff / Land multi-rotor electric aircraft, commercial-grade 



    size: < 106,5 cm diameter, ~ 40 cm height Weight: < 9,5 Kg included maximum payload 

    Battery – 44 000 mAh 6S speed: ~ 35 mph 

    Payload: Swappable EO / IR / HD with real time downlink 

    Avionics/GCS: Lockheed Martin Procerus Kestrel 

    Autopilot v3.1 & Virtual Cockpit GC software 

    Environmental: Max Wind: ~15 m/s Moisture: Light Rain 

     Temperature: -20 → 40 Degrees Celsius 



    Communication Frequency 2400 MHz (other frequencies optional) (digital video link optional) 

    Max Communication Range 2-4 km (depending on frequency) 


    The Failsafe Behaviors are: (user configurable in the Virtual Cockpit GCS) 

    loss of RC Comm 0.5 sec -> fly level 

    loss of RC Comm 2 sec -> fly to the rally point loss of Comm 3 sec -> fly to rally point 

    loss of Comm 10 sec -> land at the land point loss of GPS 2 sec -> fly level 

    loss of GPS 10 sec -> land at current location 

    low battery 3 sec -> land at land point critically low battery > land at current location 

    If multiple failsafes are triggered the failsafe behavior with the highest priority will be implemented. 


     The failsafe priority in order of highest to lowest is: 

    1) critically low battery 4) low battery 

    2) loss of GPS 5) loss of RC Comm 

    3) loss of Comm 


    Payload & Endurance: 


    Max Payload Capacity: 950 gr. 

    Flight Endurance @ 525 gr. total payload: Up to 50 Minutes to first failsafe stage (depending on payload, weather and wind conditions)

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