The Lockheed Martin Indago 2 All Weather System represents a paradigm shift in what a lightweight unmanned aerial systems that can do.



  • The Indago 2 all-weather system is a vertical take of and landing (VTOL) system that represents a paradigm shift in what lightweight unmanned aerial systems that can provide robustness, versatility and reliability.

    Indago 2 features an extended hover and fast forward flight capability that provides, civil, commercial and governmental customers with aerial reconnaissance in areas unreachable by current systems.

    The Indago payload system features a quick disconnect adapter (Hot-swappable payload) which allows the operator to choose the appropriate payload for the mission. There are payloads available for a variety of different applications: Inspection, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), FLIR (Forward looking infrared sensor), Agricultural and mapping.

    • Endurance: 45 - 50min (with 200g payload)
    • Payload: Multiple, hot-swappable payloads
    • Range: 2 km line of sight—5 km plus with optional long range antenna
    • Weight: 2000g without payload
    • Dimensions (Unfolded): 81 x 81 x 22 cm (30 x 23 x 18 cm in folded)
    • Maximum Altitude: 18000+ feet MSL
    • Maximum Climb Rate 800 feet/minute, 4 meter/sec
    • Maximum Decent Rate 400 feet/minute, 2 meter/sec
    • Maximum Cruise Speed 30mp/h, 13.4 meter/sec , 48,2km/h
    • Maximum wind(gust): 35mp/h, 15,6 meter/sec, 56km/h
    • Operating Temperature: -34,4°C to 48,9°C (-30°F to 120°F) 
    • Rain Performance: Moderate Rain (<7mm/h)
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